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Tadeusz worked in projects in Treasury, Risk Control, Controlling, Accounting etc. in the role of project manager, business analyst, test manager and IT specialist. His projects were carried out mostly for banks (above 90%), but also in the environment of insurance and leasing companies.

Birth date and place

14.04.1956, Swierzawa, Poland




1963 – 1971Primary School, Swierzawa, Poland
1971 – 1975Secondary School, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
1976 – 1980SILESIAN UNIVERSITY, Katowice, Poland Master of Arts in English Literature and Methodology of Teaching
1987 – 1989T.O.P COMPUTER SCHULE, Dortmund Betriebsinformatiker IHK (Business and Information Technology)
1991 – 1993ROTTERDAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Master of Business Administration / Master of Business Informatics (MBA/MBI)
1992COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL, New York, USA, Fall Semester


Senior Consultant


  • Polish - fluent
  • English - fluent
  • French - moderate
  • Spanish - beginner


On request


  • Project planning and management
  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Systems test planning and coordination
  • Implementation of systems in Trading, Back Office and Risk Control


  • ISTQB Foundation Level: Tester

Business Know-how

Project based knowledge of products

  • Credit / Line / Call Accounts 
  • Money Market / FX 
  • Fixed Income / Securities
  • Derivatives (Swap, FRA, Options, Futures)
  • Commodities (incl. Derivatives)

System experience

  • Kondor+ / Summit / Calypso
  • Credit Systems
  • Test Systems: HPQC, SAP Solution Manager, Mantis

Current: Universal Bank, Frankfurt (7 months)

Test Manager in the project “KIID: automated product documentation creation for structured products”

  • Release oriented conceptual design of the tests (test plan, release test concepts)

  • Creation of test specification for individual releases

  • Creation of test cases including the import into the test management System HPQC ALM

  • Coordination of the test team (bis 10 testers)

  • Creation of test reports, organization of defect meetings, participation in various project meetings


Current:Universal Bank, Frankfurt (9 months)

Test Manager in the project “SAP Migration”

  • Creation of tests pecifications for eight SAP migration subprojects in accordance with the Test Management Framework of the bank

  • Organisation of test case creation process across several technical and business areas

  • Organisation of Test Kickoffs with the presentation on test process

  • Coordination of a eight test teams of 6 to 12 testers

  • Monitoring of the test progress (in HPQC ALM)

  • Participation in diverse project meetings (defect clearance sessions, presentation to managers, IT sessions, etc.).


Current: German Industry Bank, Düsseldorf (6 months)

Test Manager in the project “Implementation of a new ALM Reporting System”

  • Conceptual design of the tests (test plan, project-phase-related test concepts),

  • Specification of the test methodology and structuring of business test objects and creation of test cases including the import into the issue system Mantis

  • Coordination of a test team (6 testers)

  • Prioritizing the test cases and errors (within Mantis)

  • Creation of the periodic test reports, organization of meetings, participation in various project meetings (TP sessions, presentation to the Head, IT sessions, etc.).

  • Diverse tasks within the Project Office (establishment of the list of questions in the area of ​​accounting logic, scheduling, management of open-point list, etc.)


Special Purpose Bank, Cologne (3 months)

Process manager in the project “Leasing contracts securitization”

  • Conceptual design of the implementation of the back-up services for two BUS structures (including analysis of the logical data flows for each BUS structure)

  • Coordination of activities in the construction of the BUS structure

  • Creating a business BUS concept and preparation of a detailed Standby Action Plan for BUS

  • Coordination of multiple IT service providers / software vendors (discussing the necessary changes, interface enhancements, test files, organizational requirements, clarification of the next steps, parallelization of development steps, etc.)

  • Diverse tasks within the Project Office (establishment of the list of questions in the area of ​​accounting logic, scheduling, management of open-point list, etc.)


Large Leasing Company, Oberursel (2 months)

Test analyst in the project “Test of the des System TXS SAP Funding Management”

  • Executing tests of the interface between the contract system UCS and the treasury system TXS SAP Funding Management (securitization management)


Large Leasing Company, Oberursel (3 months)

Test manager in the project „Basel II“

  • Structuring relations between Basel II requirements, Releases and Cycles as well as test cases, and information technology modules for the Test Reporting

  • Automated import of the business functions, test objects and data requirements in the Requirements module (HP QC)

  • Automated import of the test cases in the test system

  • Responsibility for the test system HP Quality Center (ALM), and creation and coordination of various test status reports


Large Universal Bank, Frankfurt (9 months)

Requirement manager in the project „Capital Gains Tax“

  • Monitoring of implementation capacity for the implementation of the requirements in the system for the Capital Gains Tax

  • Coordination of department cross-cutting requirements processes concerning business and technical architecture

  • Control and monitoring of the process of requirement evaluation effort for each requirement request

  • Release monitoring and requirement cost tracking (5 projects and 4 service units)


Large Universal Bank, Frankfurt (2 months)

QA manager in the project „BilMoG Implementation“

  • Establishing a process for quality assurance of approximately 50 professional and technical documents

  • Administration of quality assurance (management of the review appointments and review lists, document versions, clarification of problems, etc.)


Large Universal Bank, Frankfurt (3 months)

QA manager and tester in the project „Hedge Accounting Release 2“

  • Creation of the Project Manual

  • The design, development and coordination of the processes for quality assurance

  • Development of a “kanban” system for monitoring the status of the requirement implementation in the Release 2 of the hedge accounting system (Sunguard)

  • Monitoring / evaluation of the technical problems of test platforms and running a Issues QA logs.

  • Analysis of the data requirements for test cases, preparation of test data and execution of tests


Large Universal Bank, Frankfurt (4 months)

Role: Configuration manager in the project “Capital gains tax”

  • Creation of the design/concept for host platforms configuration management  

  • Development of a prototype for configuration management for four test platforms and analysis of the process for the technical program deployment process on hosts

  • Identification of potential improvements in the process of technical program deployment process via HP Service Center (including reconciliation workshops and implementation plan).


Large Universal Bank, Frankfurt (5 months)

Several roles in the project „Hedge Accounting“

Configuration Manager

  • Development and implementation of configuration management process, organization and shaping of information infrastructure for Smoke Testing. Monitoring of the versioning on three environments (Test1, Test2 and Prelive)

Test coordinator

  • Supporting Test Manager in integration and system testing (planning the tests, preparing the infrastructure, monitoring of test progress, clarifying the organizational problems, communication / reporting, etc.)

Quality Manager

  • Organization and monitoring of the QA process for professional and technical documentation (60 documents), scheduling and monitoring requirements of the do-cument reviews and documentation of QA results.


Regional Bank, Hamburg (2 months)

Role: Business analyst  in the project „System change for MM/FX - Tests of the BO-System Kondor+ TP“

  • Analysis and design of the test infrastructure (Kondor + 3.0, SPI, K + TP, test partner for automated business entry)

  • Analysis, design, and ensuring a near production test data for the tests of the settlement system K + TP

  • Quality assurance and specifications for creating the test case documents


Regional Bank, Hamburg (3 months)

Role: Test manager in the project „Interface between dwp bank (wp direct) and SAP CMS (Collateral Management) for Bonds, IHS, Schuldscheine, shares and funds “

  • Planning the testing activities, including use of resources along the timeline

  • Coordination of testing activities, development, IT system support and the test participants of the participating departments

  • Creation and continuous adjustment of the daily schedules of the test activities for individual departments

  • Clarification of discrepancies and coordination of re-tests

  • Planning and coordination of parallel tests to speed up the test run


Regional Bank, Hamburg (2 months)

Role: Business analyst in the project „New interes rate curves for the valuation of interest rate products (Kondor+)”

  • Preparation of Excel documents with bases of the new yield curves (EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, JPY) for the upload into the system
  • Parameterization of new interest rate curves (swap, spread and Algebra curves) in the system

  • Incorporation of treasury spreads in the new spread curves

  • Execution of the tests of live and batch feeds of the curves (data quality)

German Industry Sector Bank, Düsseldorf (13 months)

Role: Test Coordinator in the project ALM Reports (Kondor+)

  • Review and improvement of the test concept paper
  • Construction of test cases and preparation of test prerequisites
  • Testing of the pilot application "EasyAPM"
  • Management of error database incl. business testing of system updates
  • Business tests of ALM system based on Kondor+ Application
  • Creation of diverse test concept papers

German Industry Sector Bank, Düsseldorf (8 months)

Role: Test Manager in the project Treasury P&L Reporting (Kondor+)

  • Test activities planning und detailling (Bonds, CIRS, IRS, SWPT)
  • Analysis of the test task dependencies
  • Test tasks and team coordination
  • Testing of the P&L calculation results

Large German Retail Bank, Bonn (3 months)

Manager of the project: Liquidity risk management – treasury and risk control funtion / Implementation of German MaRisk requirements

  • As-Is Analysis of methods, requirement and systems for short and long term liquidity risk management
  • Cooperation on the liquidity risk control / treasury concept paper
  • Write-up of the technology solution requirements, current systems adjustment catalogue and proposed implementation plan for systems in risk control and treasury department

Large Regional Bank, Kiel (5 months)

Role: test manager in the project: Implementation of an IT architecture for trading of commodity derivatives (Sophis)

  • Identification and analysis of the systems architecture to be tested
  • Preparation an reconciliation of the test concept paper
  • Planning of test structure and test activities
  • Reconciliation of the bank resources / test team creation
  • Creation of the process and event catalogue to be tested
  • Creation of the daily detailed test plans
  • Availability planning of IT test environments for module and integration testing
  • Preparation of test acceptance documents / forms for tester and evaluation of the test results
  • Coordination of test teams

Regional Universal Bank (Daughter of a large German Universal Bank), Oldenburg (5 months)

Role: project manager in the project: Basel II - Data Quality Enhancement of Credit Risk Management Data Warehouse

  • Planning team tasks, resource use, project times, objectives, documentation deliverables
  • Establishing project and communication processes between risk control and IT of the parent and daughter banks
  • Structuring business project documentation for credit and trading products
  • Conducting the analysis of product hierarchy and key system and writing adjustment specifications of the data warehouse contents
  • Iniitierung und Monitoring der bankinternen Diskussionen zum Thema „Eindeutige Kunden- und Kontonummer“ und Verfassung der erarbei-teten Lösung
  • Initiation and monitoring of bankwide discussion concerning the creation of unambiguous customer and account keys and writing the relevant technical and process specifications
  • Process redesign for loan restructuring and recovery unit leading to data quality improvement
  • Data improvement specifications for the integration of OLB daughter banks
  • Diverse data quality complementation and enhancement specifications
  • Diverse fachliche und organisatorische Lösungsvorschläge

A large savings bank, Frankfurt (5 months)

Role: project manager in the project: New Strategy for Treasury / Selection of a new IT system for derivative products

  • Analysis of the current business strategy in trading, treasury and risk management
  • Working out a new strategy for treasury / trading based on current customer segments and market trends
  • Assessment of the actual IT environment in the light of the new treasury/trading strategy
  • Analysis of the new treasury, trading and risk management requirements and the completion of the requirement catalogue for the selection of the derivatives technology
  • Analysis of the available technology for derivative products and recommendation of a short list of systems
  • Organizing and evaluation of systems provider presentations
  • Recommendation for treasury technology implementation (Murex)
  • Preparation of the extensive business testing plan for Murex functionality

Large German insurance concern, Stuttgart und Munich (3 months)

Role: Project manager in the project "Extension of derivative business"

  • Analysis of current business processes in terms of derivatives activity across Allianz Group (trading, portfolio management, back offices, accounting, controlling and industry holding departments)
  • Analysis of the current IT environment across the Allianz Group
  • Analysis of the business requirements (portfolio management, risk management, settlement, accounting) for the derivatives technology
  • Working out of a short list for derivative systems for Allianz Asset Management
  • Recommendation of process improvements for inter-company workflows (portfolio mangement, settlement, risk management, accounting)
  • Recommendation of IT infrastructure improvements in back office of holding companies
  • Cost estimation of the implementation of new IT and IT improvements

German Universalbank, London (5 months)

Role: project manager in the project "Back office technology implementation (Midas)

  • Planning und monitoring of resources and tasks
  • Monitoring of external software and consulting services providers
  • Identification of process weaknesses and the definition of new processes

Large Swedish Universalbank, Warsaw (5 months)

Consultant in the project: "Emerging Market Entry"

  • Analysis of the Polish banking market: trends and opportunities
  • Working out the Polish market entry strategy for the Swedish bank

German Universal Bank, Frankfurt (6 months)

Role: Consultant in the project Business Process Reengineering in trading and settlement units

  • Concept and model creation for activity based costing of trading products (liquidity trading desk – Money Market, FX, Derivatives)
  • Analysis of processes in trading and settlement
  • Analysis and quantification of improvement potential through the use of information technology along the process chain (trading settlement, accounting)
  • Working out and evaluation of implementation alternatives for the integrated technology solution for trading, settlement and accounting
  • Development of the project plan for the implementation of KONDOR+ in Front Office (incl. liquidity management) and MIDAS in settlement and accounting
  • Data migration strategy workout for MIDAS and KONDOR+
  • Analysis, structuring and revaluation of the equity derivatives desk portfolio

Middlesized International Trade Bank, Frankfurt (4 months)

Role: Consultant in the project "Strategic Repositioning"

  • Business analysis of credit and treasury departments
  • Market, competitor and SWOT analysise
  • Concept of target customer segments and product range for individual customer segments
  • Concept of operational improvements and quantification of consts and benefits
  • The development of a five year business plan according to the new strategy

Large German Universal Bank, Munich (4 months)

Role: Consultant in the project "Risk Control Unit Process Analysis / Implementation of German Reqularatory Risk Minimal Requirements

  • Analysis of actual risk mangement reporting, weakness and controlling processes and the development of the new minimal requirements compatible processes for market risk
  • Analysis of processes in settlement and trade control and the development of the concept for the process improvement

Large German Savings Bank, Frankfurt am Main (7 months)

Role: Consultant / project manager in the project "Account and Customer Calculation"

  • Business Analysis and Design of Reporting for Account and Customer Calculation
  • Organization and coordination of the discussion and reconciliation process of new reporting with bank region and branch managers
  • Coordination of the reporting system development and testing of the reports

Large German Universal Bank, Munich (1 year)

Role: Consultant in the project "Credit Risk Management for Commercial Department"

  • Business and technical analysis of rating and credit risk processes
  • Business and data analysis of credit risk measurement
  • Analysis and design of data collection for Credit Risk Management Data Warehouse
  • Selection of Software Data Collection Tools for the central Credit Risk Management System
  • Setting up a business and technical cooperation between AMS and Carleton Corporation Europe, Belgium (data warehouse IT tool provider)

Large German Retail Chain (2,5 year)

Role: project management in the department "Central Logistics"

  • Business Analysis of the age structure reporting for the central import store
  • Business and technical Analysis of Import Duty System


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  • Outsourcing of Customer Relationship Management, e-Manager


  • Non Maturing Assets and Liabilities – FOW, Frankfurt
  • Risk Driven Value Framework – Polish Bankers Asian Tour, Hongkong
  • Standard Systems in risk Management and Control, Management Circle, Bad Homburg
  • Experience Report from CRM banking projects, Euroforum, Warsaw
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